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SACADA Software

​​​​​​​​​​SACADA Software​

SACADA 2.pngThe SACADA (Scenario Authoring, Characterization, and Debrief Application) has been designed by our experts to allow for human performance trending insights and comparison among crews, units, and sites. The software is now managed by the INL and sponsored by the NRC. SACADA is available in web-based and standalone versions and is free to the user. It has been developed with the purpose of collecting licensed nuclear operator simulator human performance data to: 

  • Inform human reliability analysis (HRA),

  • Provide physical separation of training and exam data,

  • Improve operator training, and

  • To create standardization in methodology in scenario authoring, timing data collection, debriefing, and report generation.​

SACADA 1a.png

Support for the collection and classification of human performance data at nuclear power plants.

Shawn St. Germain
Human Fa​ctors
Shawn St. Germain​

Leng Vang
Human Fa​ctors
Leng Vang​